Conversations with Animals

Lydia Hiby calls herself an animal communicator or an animal psychic. Simply, she talks to animals. For nearly 20 years Hiby has worked with thousands of individuals as an animal communicator. She listens to what animals tell her, and relays these messages of concern and insight to caring humans.

In Conversations with Animals, Hiby talks about her own experiences communicating with animals, which started when she was a child. She was never discouraged nor told that what she was “hearing” was ridiculous or impossible. Hiby graduated from the Agricultural College in Delhi, New York with an Animal Science degree in Animal Health Technology. As an Animal Health Technician, she worked in a variety of animal clinics, including the nationally known Cat Practice in New York City. Hiby later had the opportunity to study with Beatrice Lydecker, a renowned animal communicator.

In her book, Hiby discusses ways that others can learn to communicate with their companion animals, as well as searching for lost pets, and grief counseling. Most importantly, Conversations with Animals reinforces the powerful connection that weaves together the lives of animals and humans.
Lydia Hiby was encourage by her co-author, Bonnie S. Weintraub, to share these inspiring stories in a book. They first met in 1994 when Weintraub's dog, Kodiak, faced a life-threatening situation. Because of Hiby's communication with Kodiak, which ultimately led to saving the dog's life, Weintraub turned from skeptic to strong supporter of Hiby's work. Their mutual belief in communicating with animals, and reaching thousands of others, has inspired them to write this book. View an excerpt from Chapter 2. (when you click this link, a new window will open - simply close it to return here.
The publisher, Maureen R. Michelson,, July 27, 1998
A book to broaden our respect and love of animals.

I decided to publish “Conversations with Animals” because the authors make a strong case for the reality of communication between animals and humans. The authors’ experiences, stories, and suggestions for communicating with your own animal, make this book a fascinating read. Lydia Hiby has been talking with animals for some 20 years, primarily using what she describes as “picture talking.” Thousands of clients (people and animals) attest to the authenticity of Hiby’s work as an animal communicator, and that improved communication between animals and humans definitely makes a difference in their lives. Working with the authors on “Conversations with Animals” has been a unique lifetime experience. I have had to stretch the limits of my own beliefs about animals and their capacity to understand, sympathize and care for humans. My trust of the “other ways of knowing” – that all beings possess—has been challenged and deepened. For me personally, my own animal companions now look more like teachers and healers who grace my life with their presence! My hope as publisher is that this book will open more human eyes to the reality that all animals are living beings deserving of the same respect and compassion that human beings accord one another. Perhaps when humans learn to treat animals with respect and compassion, we will then learn to do the same with one another!

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