About Lydia

Lydia is the most sought after animal communicator around. Her childhood dream of becoming a fairy godmother to animals seems to have come true.

Her clients come from every state in the U.S. and European countries galore. People so different… yet sharing the love of their pet and their belief in Lydia’s gift.

Her client list numbers over 60,000 over 20 years, and many began as skeptics. Lydia likes skeptics, she says, and believes that once she proves herself to a skeptic that skeptic becomes her best publicity.

 Lydia has also co-authored a book recently, Conversations with Animals , detailing her experiences.

Lydia is available for Consultations, Seminars, and Lectures. To find out more about her, or the services she offers, please click on one of the links below. 

Note that Lydia is actively working on her new book, “More Conversations With Animals!”

Contributions from past and current clients are welcomed!


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