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Praise for Conversations with Animals

Conversations with Animals invites animal lovers and skeptics alike to seriously consider that animals and humans are able to communicate using what animal communicator Lydia Hiby calls "picture talking." In this intriguing and often humorous book the authors share Hiby's amazing stories of her conversations with animals. Hiby also presents a step-by-step guide for those who wish to begin a lifelong lesson in animal communication.

I am a born skeptic, so I wasn't about to buy into the accounts I'd heard of Lydia Hiby's remarkable ability to communicate with animals. But one conversation with Lydia made a believer out of me.
Lydia told me things about my dog - who was ill and dying - that she couldn't have learned through conventional means. I still can't explain it, but I realize there are forces in life that we'll never understand and must just take on faith. And Lydia Hiby may be one of those.

SANDY BANKS, Columnist, Los Angeles Tees

Except for licking, tail wagging, and assorted woofs, I honestly don't know if animals can communicate or how they think, but I have seen Lydia Hiby do her thing and her work with animals brought my entire audience to tears. She was even right on target with the thoughts of my own cat and dog!

LEEZA GIBBONS, Host of Leeza


During veterinary school at UC Davis, nonverbal communication was not a method I was trained to use. However I have always kept an open mind. I use Lydia's unique ability as a resource in difficult cases. Her insight is intriguing and exciting. Lydia's accuracy continues to astound me.


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